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Paul Snow

Musée du Louvre Panorama

Panoramic photo of the Musée du Louvre

Panoramic Square

Panoramic street sceen In Havana, Cuba

Roof Top View

The roof view from the place I was staying in Cuba

The nature of Monkey was irrepressable

MT Emeishan in China

On The 395

I took this random image on the 395 as I was driving in the USA.

Gardens By The Bay

57 floors up, you can see the site known as gardens by the bay, a large park made on reclaimed land. This park is a wonderful green oasis at the edge of a shopping island.

Marina Bay Sands At Night

series of 7 photos make up this image, shot with the 70-200 through the hotel window at 125mm

Marina Bay Sands Panorama

A shot of the famous hotel at night.

Shipping Lock

3 Gorges Dam Shipping Lock at Night

Yarra Rver

Took this tonight, the sun was setting, and I thought it would come out quite well, one day I will photoshop the bottom right hand corner to get rid of the yellow. I quite like some of my earlier images, this one from 2007..

26 Photo Panorama

A combination of about 26 photos, stitched automatically with photoshop autopano. (it's full size is 9538x4339 which is 41.4 megapixels with an aspect ratio of 2.20:1)

The Lonely Beach


570N Nepean Highway Frankston

Love 3x

La Tour Eiffel

La Tour Eiffel

Small World