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Paul Snow

Musée du Louvre Panorama

Panoramic photo of the Musée du Louvre

Panoramic Square

Panoramic street sceen In Havana, Cuba

Roof Top View

The roof view from the place I was staying in Cuba

Mount Emei Panorama

A combination of many photos taken on Mt Emei in China.

Infinity Pool

57 floors up, on the roof of the Marina Bay Sands is this pool. Known as the infinity pool, as at water level, the water falls off the edge to the ground below (well it doesn't really, it just seems that way)

Gardens By The Bay

57 floors up, you can see the site known as gardens by the bay, a large park made on reclaimed land. This park is a wonderful green oasis at the edge of a shopping island.

Marina Bay Sands At Night

series of 7 photos make up this image, shot with the 70-200 through the hotel window at 125mm

Singapore CBD Panorama

This is downtown Singapore as seen from the 57th floor of marina bay sands

Singapore CBD Panorama

The city of singapore.


A view from 57 floors up of one of the singapore suburbs.

Marina Bay Sands Panorama

A shot of the famous hotel at night.

Mountain Panorama

New York New York Panorama

New York New York Panorama at Vegas